How long does it take for a divorce to be final in Florida?

Video Transcription

As far as the amount of time that a divorce takes to be finalized in Florida, that does vary by county. Certain counties, certain judges require that hearings be set and it may take a certain number of days or weeks or potentially months to get a hearing. Under Florida law, the only waiting period is 20 days. There is a 20 day waiting period before a divorce can be finalized in Florida if the divorce is uncontested.

I do have people that come to me and the want to be divorced, they’ve reached agreement with their spouse, it’s a matter of drawing up that agreement, having the agreement signed by both spouses and then filing the documents in court. Again, generally speaking, once the documents are filed, there’s a 20 day waiting period. Any time after the 20 day waiting period in many courts, the case can be finalized. However, if the case is contested, in other words, there are issues that need to be determined by the judge, an agreement cannot be reached by the parties, that will take time.

That may take six months at a minimum typically, could take a year, it could even take a couple of years if the fighting is very intense.